5 day Industrial Training @ SSN by Free Software Foundation

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                The 5 day Industrial Training conducted by Free Software Foundation, TamilNadu in association with SSN Engineering College ended today with a great blast! 220+ Students attended the 5 day Training and all sessions were fabulous learning experience. Mr.Ravi Jaya (Python Session), Mr.(Linux) Baskar (Linux Installation, Dir Structure) and all other speakers were great in delivering knowledge to all students. I need to specially thank Mr.Shanu, Mr.Praveen Chandrahas, Mr.Siddharth, Mr.Welkin, Mr.Shashan, SSN Management and all volunteers in making this event a great success. Mr.Shanu’s session on FSF helped everyone to know what Free and Open Source Software is and how they can contribute. Mr.Siddharth handled enlightening session on Software Patents and FSMI. Mr.Praveen’s session on Cloud and his complete presence helped all newbies to acquire clarity on many issues. Mr.Welkin’s session on Downloading,Compiling and Creating Application was very interesting and informative. I (Santhosh.V) handled a session on “how to do Projects” and shared my experience with FSF, TN.

This Event has motivated and gave a clarity of thought and usage to 220+ Students where you can see many of them already started working on Linux. Projects were assigned to every college participated. Hats-Off to FSF, TamilNadu for their good Work!

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