about Me


Sail in the world of creativity exploring new area, that’s what I do. That’s right, I like to tickle my right brain through creative expression.

Who am I?

Born 1990 and Raised in suburbs of Chennai city,I am Santhosh, a creative type bloke filled with Ideas, fueled by passion. I’m an Entrepreneur, Software Craftsman and Lifestyle Coach


Podcasting (Online Radio Shows on Tech, Lifehacks, Motivation), Teaching on youtube, Writting articles on my blog, Jamming on Guitar, Reading Self help books, Idea Hunting

I believe in

I wish to be a man of values, not just success. I always see myself as a work in Progress and Love Networking with People to gather Inspiration. Besides being a tech freak, I always love spending more time with people and Nature.

Passion is very Individualistic. For me, the ability to wake up every morning and wanting to do the same work again with renewed enthusiasm is passion. And the Passion is boosted with perseverance. These are two essential qualities which I believe would make a person more successful. 

Random Bytes

Listed below are some fresh fun facts on me:

• Amateur Guitarist, Love to listen Indian Classical and Carnatic Fusion music
• Passionate Teacher – Using Podcast, Youtube, Classroom
• Like Networking to gather Inspirations.
• Graduated with Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering
• International Award Winner from IEEE, USA.
• Given 40+ Tech Talks on FOSS Technologies
• Name Fact: Santhosh comes from the Hindi word which means, “Happiness.”

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