Bing’s 30 – Minute Outage: A Sally Field Moment?

3-12-2009, bing review, errors, microsoft issues, offline microsoft, sandy review, santhosh talk, search engine downtime, server offline Voice your views  
This really hocked me up knowing that the popular nebiee Bing Search Engine was down for nearly 30 minutes on Thursday evening (3-12-2009). This resulted in flurry in media coverage and loss of hits for Bing. I believe MS will not repeat this service-Outage in future for any reasons as they must understand that there are servers that haven’t been put-down for years running VFS in them…

If I am not wrong, Its more important to write-on the problems if any than  always spelling laurels on a product/service as it helps it to grow… I hope my review here is to make my favorite Bing better!!!

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