Top 5 New Features of Android N

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Managing your Mailing List

Emails are often the most time-consuming work for every professional, finding the important conversation amidst the noise is a real challenge. I was surprised to find that I was subscribed to more than 900+ mailing list.Think about the amount Read more

Awesome tools to make you Super Productive

Busy! The favorite word of every IT person, which signs that we are turning unproductive. The moment you feel you are busy, take a break. Breaks allow you to regain your focus, sharpens your intuition, allows you to make conscious Read more

Snapshot 2013 - A Year of Giving!

I don't believe in taking new year resolutions. But Jan 1st is surely a good place to start our life with new focus and purpose; for the next 365 days. As 2013 ends and  2014 unfolds, I would love Read more

Snapshot 2013 – A Year of Giving!

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I don’t believe in taking new year resolutions. But Jan 1st is surely a good place to start our life with new focus and purpose; for the next 365 days. As 2013 ends and  2014 unfolds, I would love to share my awesome moments and thank you all for supporting me in whatever small i do.

With purpose comes passion, with passion comes enthusiasm.

Having Set the purpose for 2013: to share my knowledge to student community, I thoroughly enjoyed the year! It was an awesome experience and defining my purpose helped me to focus my efforts and has enabled me to work the whole year with renewed enthusiasm. 



Here is a quick snapshot of my events and talks in 2013. 


[flickr_set id=”72157639234405835″]


1. Jan 31st: I finally setup my Home Studio after a long research on Mics, Sound System.


2. April 14th: Attended 12th Designer’s Meetup by Photoshop Usergroup, Chennai (had a chance to Network with wonderful designers and got lot of Inspiration)

Photoshop User Group_April_14

3. May 5th: My cute sister got her Graduation Certificate for her Masters in Business Administration. A day to cherish in 2013.


4. June 26th: The most  memorable day in my life. I published my first Technology Podcast (Audio Recording) in Tamil ( My Initiative to help community to know the latest trend in IT Industry). Listen to my podcast here.


5. August 14th: A day where I decided to become eternal. I registered for complete Organ donation. This day will be remembered by me forever. Click here to read my blog-post on Organ donation.


6. September 7th: I was promoted in my family. 🙂 Yes! My sister gave birth to a cute angel (baby girl) “Shravanthi”. I love her so much!! I realized the pain and the sacrifice of a women in these days. The most wonderful moment, i’ll always cherish in my life.

Shravanthi_September 8th

7. October 20th: I should thank Mr.Hari Krishanan who introduced me to Toastmasters International. It was a powerful Division Conference where I had the privileged to meet Mr.Dhananjay Hetrechi. This event surely had a big impact on my public speaking skills.I have shared my learning in my blog-post here.


8. October 14th:The monsoon was the perfect time to trigger my childhood hobby! I planted 12 little plants and brought my gardening hobby back to life! When i connect with nature, I can able to understand more about me.


9. November 29th: Attended DroidCon India 2013 – India’s largest Android Conference. I met so many technology evangelists, won lots of goodies, networked with so many developers. I went as a participant, became a volunteer and came back as an expert. – what more good, can you expect from a conference?


10. December 29th: I upgraded my first PC and gave it to my brother ( who was in need of a PC).My father presented me, my first Personal Computer, 10 years ago (in 2004). It was a pentium 4, 256 MB RAM, 40GB Hard-disk. It is still working great. This machine taught me everything in computers, that i know today. It’s my first guru and a memorable childhood friend.  I believe my PC will help my brother to learn technology, teach him good things and will surely be a wonderful companion to him.  



2014: A Year where I’ll create measurable Impact by working on the most important goals of my life. To create lasting impression through my work, is my purpose for the year 2014!

Here are my high level goals for 2014:

  1. Author my first Book on Technology (180 Pages)
  2. Work on my Fitness, do consistent, timely workouts to improve and strengthen my mind and body.

Before I end this post, I need to say thank you. Thanks for reading this lengthy blog-post and encouraging me all through my life! Happy New year! Wish everyone of you a wonderful 2014!

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A day with Toastmasters community

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The tipping point in my life came after attending the Division G Conference of Toastmasters International  (20th October, 2013). I had the opportunity to meet great personalities like Dr.Sumanth C RamanDhananjaya J Hettiarachchi. Below I have comprehended my learning which should serve all aspiring speakers in delivering their Dream Speech.

8 Lessons to build your Dream Speech from Dr.Sumanth C Raman

13MPSUMANTH1_862423f 1. Don’t write down the complete speech as a script word-by-word, as this would build too much dependency over the material. 

 2. Communication is not about YOU, It’s all about the other individual. Tailor your message in the interest of your audience. Ask the following questions before delivering the content,

a. What is that your audience need to know from your talk?
b. What is the level of understanding of the audience?

3. Be adaptive and always do a mid-course correction while during your speech reflecting the feedback from the audience. Don’t end up speaking word-by-word as in script.

 4. Always double-check if everything is right before the speech. Never leave anything in chance.As a speaker prepare and organize on every simple matters including computer, compatibility of software, laser pointer, supporting material, podium etc…

Read more ›

Overview on Subversion

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I have started to deep dive into Subversion and its usage to better understand the architecture and fundamentals which makes them as a critical component in the SDLC process. In this regard, I have planned to blogpost on each chapter i read, which can summarize the core concepts delivered.Anyone new to Subversion are recommended to work on the book “Version Control with Subversion” By Ben Collins-Sussman for in-depth knowledge.
Version Control Systems
Art of Managing changes to information in a standard Repository style. The specialty of the Subversion repo is that it remembers every change ever written to it: every change to every file, and even changes to the directory tree itself.
Subversion Timeline
CVS was the early and most popular version control system which had lots of pitfalls, By then CollabNet Inc. had a collaboration software suite called SourceCast which used CVS as its initial version control system. CollabNet then had an idea to bring out a new Version control system in the name of Subversion which overcame most of the drawbacks of CVS.
Subversion Features 
Unlike CVS, Subversion provides:
a. Directory Versioning
b. True Version History
c. Atomic Commits
d. Versioned Metadata
e. Choice of Network layers
f. Consistent data handling
g. Effective branching and Tagging
h. Hackability
Subversion Architecture
Subversion Components
        The command-line client program
         A Program for reporting the state of the working copy
         A tool for inspecting a subversion repository
         A tool for creating, tweaking or repairing a subversion repository
         A Program for filtering subversion repository dumpfile format streams
        A plugin-module for the apache HTTP Server, used to make your repository available to others    over a network
        A Custom standalone server program, runnable asa deamon process or invokable by SSH; another way to make your repository available to others over a network

10 Technology Twitter Feeds You Should Be Following

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If you just joined Twitter, you need to know the top techies worth following. Below is a list (organized in alphabetical order by last name) of technology thought leaders who post useful information, including links, news, tips, inside information and perspectives on current events.
Chris Anderson
Editor in Chief
David Pogue
Tech columnist
The New York Times

Ryan Block
Hank Green
Joshua Topolsky
Editor in Chief

Jason Hiner
Editor in Chief

Lance Ulanoff
Editor in Chief

Tim O’Reilly
Founder and CEO
O’Reilly Media
Alex Wolfe
Editor In Chief

Who would you put in your list of top technology Twitter feeds?

Mozilla Devday 2010 ‘ Bangalore : 27th Feb : Live Blogging

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Arun Ranganathan, Technology Evangelist
Ragavan Srinivasan, Product Managaer, Mozilla
Seth Bindernagel, Director, Localization, Mozilla
Vineel Reddy, MCR, Community Marketting,
Lucian Teo and John Britton, Drumbeat Initiative, Mozilla

Sree Rameshaiah, executive Director,
Chethan Elvis, Marketting Director,
Sara Baptiste Brown, social Business Coordinator, Mahiti

Center of Internet Society
Sunil Abhram

Mozz Drumbeat Session:
The Future of the Internet

Session :2 The Embracing Web Platform -Arun Ranganathan’
What’s good Platform?
JS Performance Wars
Device Capabilities
Deployed at scale
Make Users say wow!

what’s In the Web?
Faster JS than Ever
Better Mashup Capabilities
2D and 3D Drawing Capabilities
Virtualized Storage
Device Integration
No Plugins Needed

Integrating with File System
Better File Analysis Capabilities in web pages
File API Support
(exif data ->Geo Tags)

Power: a Look at better Mashups
2.Mashup have to be safe
3.Cross-site XMLHttpRequest with CORS Headers
4. IE8, XHttpRequest with CORS Headers
5. TweetPics

Make Data Location Aware
1. GeolocationAPI in browsers
2. navigator.geolocation supported in chrome (API)
(FF 3.3.6)
3. Google service SSID Wifi Spot -Mechanism of picking signals and identify location . -> GeoIP is collected and manipulated

HTML5 and CSS3
1. Support for CSS3 @font-face in IE,Opera, FF and others (link the fonts across the server)
Case Study
Business based Open Fonts

Drawing 2D
HTML, JS(reading keyboard i/p), Canvas

Orientation Events
DOM Events Model: MozOrientation

Then, There’s Video
out-of-the box Vieo Capabilities
HTML5 ->
Codec remains contentious
h.264 codec ->flash propertiary

ogg     -> open Standards

Demos: Green Screen
or light blue

CSS3 and SVG Powered Demo

Dynamic Content Injection – Demo

WebGL :Bringing 3D to CAnvas
OpenGL ES2.0 and share-based
An API “on top” of underlying Hardware
Demos: Toy car, 

Keep in touch!
there are no foolish questions, only fools who do not question.

Session :3 By Seth

  • Out of process plugins (OOPP)
  • Better startup time
  • Jetpacks support
  • Theme updates
  • Extension Manager Redesign
  • Tab Matches in Awesome Bar
  • Weave integration
  • Integrated Developer Tools
  • Source:

Firefox 3.7 and next Firefox 4.0
catch the ppt @

Sponsor Event:

Convene is the key project and hacking is better, how postgrey is better than Oracle…Applied Engg and pure Engg, Conducting FOSS Workshops and TTP

There are three main categories of workshops.
1.Source Camps :
Source Camps are week-long workshops that focus on the use of free and open source software (FOSS) in the non-profit sector. They create opportunities for practical learning and skills exchange. An emphasis on community building, which runs through everything from content design and delivery to the agenda and location, makes Source Camps an unforgettable experience. The relationships created during the workshops last long beyond the week of the Camp.

2.General Workshops:
These are generally 2 -3 day workshops where the selected participantsi would like to gain an insight into open source and use this knowledge in migration.Some of these participants might be already familiar with open source but would like more information about the topics being covered.

3.Custom Workshops :
These are special workshops custom made for customers on request.These organizations had either attended our source camps or non-residential workshops and would like to effectively deploy open source technologies at the workplace more effectively.One example would be the custom training programmes we conduct at the Centre for Women’s Development and Research. ( ) ,These have been highly effective in helping the organization migrate effortlessly from proprietary tools to open source.We did the migration ourselves and trained the staff on use of the tools effectively.

Topics which can be requested for these workshops could be anything from Linux OS to alternatives to MS Office and Outlook.Video and audio editing tools are also covered on request.

Please contact us with your requirements and we would be glad to assist you.
Our email is  .
Click here for our postal address and phone numbers.

Patents and Copyrights by CIS-India
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) ->alternate innovation.
OGG theora, Dirac, (and maybe On2’s VPS)
Microsoft ->covering custom XML
Blackberry -> 615 million

Mozilla Labs : Raghavan
a virtual lab where people integrate and participate in bringing innovation
1994 (2001-Wikipedia) Mosaic Web Browser

geode, snowl, ubiquity, weave, Personas, jetpack, test pilot, bespin

The web is personal
User <–> Producers
The web Platform
Innovation Services

Weave Sync
Encrypted Data in client-side
Full  Browser Sync
Use Mozilla’s Server or your own
Extend, Customise

Demo : Weave Sync -> Documentation and Weave API Spec, Library for using Firefox data across all other devices.

You–> Identity
Account Manager : Connecting to Site very easy and consistent

Demo: People on the Web
web Finger is protocol, Activity Sreams, OpenID, OAuth, OAuth-WARP
Creating our own personas and become an approver.

Jetpack ->HTML, JS, CSS (Powerful FF Add-Ons)
Web-based, Secure, Robust, Extensible

Bespin -Web Based Code Editor

Design Challenge–> Mock-Up an idea for Firefox Product Team, Prototype, Design and bring in ideas into reality.
Video Presentation posted by raghavan
Speaker: Alex Faaborg, Mozilla Design Team–>Design Challenge from Mozilla open to new ideas to leverage FF!!!:) Concept Series-> Design Challenge for Firefox 4.0 “The Home Tab”