Top 5 New Features of Android N

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Managing your Mailing List

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Awesome tools to make you Super Productive

Busy! The favorite word of every IT person, which signs that we are turning unproductive. The moment you feel you are busy, take a break. Breaks allow you to regain your focus, sharpens your intuition, allows you to make conscious Read more

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Awesome tools to make you Super Productive

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Busy! The favorite word of every IT person, which signs that we are turning unproductive. The moment you feel you are busy, take a break. Breaks allow you to regain your focus, sharpens your intuition, allows you to make conscious plans and be more productive. I am sharing 3 simple ways, I hack my brain to be little more productive everyday. 

Start using these awesome tools and enjoy a happy healthy life!

#1: Limitless Chrome Plugin: We tend to spend most our time browsing web, checking mails, socializing online. This plugin helps us to measure our productivity, set goals, remind us on our short-term / long-term goals and motivate us. I am glad that one of my friend has created this plugin which has become an awesome start in my everyday work-life.

Download Limitless here.

#2: Calm: Every IT geek excuse a healthy lifestyle for their busy schedule. Keeping your mind calm and peaceful is the first step towards healthy thoughts and we surely need at-least 2 minute of relaxation in a form of meditation (or) a nature walk alongside a river or beach or park to refresh our mind. But as we have already discussed, our busy self will never take us to beach or park. So how about bringing a beach or park  to our desktop? 

Calm is an online portal providing a relaxing and refreshing guided meditation and natural setting for melting our mind into tranquility. Experience the magic here. Read more ›

Installing and Using Java on Ubuntu….

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Installing and switching between versions of Java on Ubuntu is a relatively simple process (with a couple of caveats), you just need to know the right commands. Considering that there was a time when I didn’t know this either I thought I’d share what I know (shouldn’t take long :)).

Anyways, first thing first. When we talk about installing Java on Ubuntu we are of course talking about Sun Java. You can also install Open JDK if you want, but most people will use the Sun version for their Java development. Of course these days there are several versions of Sun Java that are in mainstream use; well basically 2, Java1.5 and Java6 (I am sure things will be even more interesting when Java 7 comes out). Regardless of which version of the JDK you want to install the process to do this on Ubuntu is the same. You need to know what package you want to install and then you need to use our old friend apt-get.

Installing Java

In the case of the Sun JDK you will want to install either (or both) of:


OSUM Tech Days 2009 : Feb 18th and 19th 2009 : A Quick Recap

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It was on 18th feb 2009, all faculty and students of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology gathered in the auditorium for the grand launch of “OSUM CAMPUS CLUB” at Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai, TamilNadu, India. It was a two day event conducted by the OSUM Campus team. We named it as “OSUM TECH DAYS 2009”. There were 4 workshops with many other exciting stuffs.

Day -1 (18th Feb 2009)

Mr.N.H. Sriram and Mr. Diwaakar, both from Foss Community inaugurated “OSUM TECH DAYS 2009”. The Event was preceded by our Principal Dr.Karmegam and our Head of the department of Computer Science Engineering Prof.T.Chellatamilan and Head of the department,Information Technology Prof.Ravichandran. Our Management and faculty and Head of the Departments of IT and CSE really took efforts in bringing out the OSUM Tech Days in a fair and useful manner.

Mr.N.H.Sriram after inaugrating, gave a guest lecture on “It’s Time to change”. He explored the ways students can contribute to Open source and adapt open technologies to expand their technical horizons. There were many video Trailers and Special Screening of videos on Sun Technologies and Sun Products and OSUM Campus Club Activities after the session.

After the Lunch, We had Mr.Diwaakar, who spoke on community contribution towards open Source. His talk helped us to plan many new event within our campus to the betterment of the students. He spoke on various open projects and motivated the students to participate in those.

In the Evening, I(V.Santhosh) gave a tech-talk on ‘Developing Mobile Apps using Netbeans IDE’ and also conducted a demo session using netbeans. Goodies from Sun Microsystems which includes bags, pen, osum bands were distributed to participants who were vibrant and interacting during the sessions.

DAY – 2 (19th Feb 2009)

After a fun filling 18th, It was on 19th morning, all the osum campus coordinators came early morning and prepared the stage, auditorium and other necessary things for the second day. The Stage was set and Day 2 began like a festival. Mr.Raghuraman, Sr.Sun Tech. Evangelist officially inagurated our campus osum club and he gave us technical sessions for two batches each batch consisting of 300 members. He gave us talk on OSUM, Java, Sun Certification, Solaris. It was really a tech-feast to all our campus osum members.

Best OSUM contributors were given certificates and Sun goodies. We printed 60 OSUM Certificates and printed huge sized banner to spread the word of OSUM in our campus. Those hang-outs really helped us to make the event a grand one.

At first I thank our management for supporting our activities in the campus through OSUM. I thank Mr.Shirish.V.Pandey (Head, Sun Microsytems, India) who helped me in arranging the speaker on the day. Shirish really helped me a lot. I thank all the class committee members for their support in making this event a grand success. I thank all the speakers (Mr.Raghuram, Mr.N.H.Sriram, Mr.Diwaakar) for enriching our knowledge their presence on this launch. I personally thank Mr.R.Vignesh ( Student Secretary, OSUM), Mr. Praveen, Mr.Raghunathan (Program Coordinator, OSUM), Mr.Anand (MCA Class coordinator) and all those who made this event a grandeur. Last but not least I thank Tezl( Program manager, OSUM, Sun Microsystems), Gary Serda (Creator of OSUM), Mr.Rajesh Umashankar (Sun Campus Coordinator, Sun Microsystems), Mr.Ganesh Hiregoudar(Sun Microsystems) and the entire Sun, for giving me the chance and believed in my efforts which motivated and drived this event to a great success.

Our campus club has started OSUM Evening Sessions on various Open and Sun Technologies. Arunai OSUM is organizing CODE CAMP 09 – and annual software expo in two weeks from now. Software Freedom Day, Workshops, Weekly Evening sessions, Sun Campus Tour- Bangalore, are in our action plan. I hope we will surely come up with success in all our upcomming events.

Note: Go to the group home page to view the video of the OSUM Tech Days 2009.