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Managing your Mailing List

Emails are often the most time-consuming work for every professional, finding the important conversation amidst the noise is a real challenge. I was surprised to find that I was subscribed to more than 900+ mailing list.Think about the amount Read more

Awesome tools to make you Super Productive

Busy! The favorite word of every IT person, which signs that we are turning unproductive. The moment you feel you are busy, take a break. Breaks allow you to regain your focus, sharpens your intuition, allows you to make conscious Read more

Snapshot 2013 - A Year of Giving!

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Awesome tools to make you Super Productive

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Busy! The favorite word of every IT person, which signs that we are turning unproductive. The moment you feel you are busy, take a break. Breaks allow you to regain your focus, sharpens your intuition, allows you to make conscious plans and be more productive. I am sharing 3 simple ways, I hack my brain to be little more productive everyday. 

Start using these awesome tools and enjoy a happy healthy life!

#1: Limitless Chrome Plugin: We tend to spend most our time browsing web, checking mails, socializing online. This plugin helps us to measure our productivity, set goals, remind us on our short-term / long-term goals and motivate us. I am glad that one of my friend has created this plugin which has become an awesome start in my everyday work-life.

Download Limitless here.

#2: Calm: Every IT geek excuse a healthy lifestyle for their busy schedule. Keeping your mind calm and peaceful is the first step towards healthy thoughts and we surely need at-least 2 minute of relaxation in a form of meditation (or) a nature walk alongside a river or beach or park to refresh our mind. But as we have already discussed, our busy self will never take us to beach or park. So how about bringing a beach or park  to our desktop? 

Calm is an online portal providing a relaxing and refreshing guided meditation and natural setting for melting our mind into tranquility. Experience the magic here. Read more ›

RTBI Monthly Entrepreneurs’ Meet

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Hosted By:   RTBI & IITM Research Park

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Hi Everyone,This is an RSVP for the Monthly Entrepreneurs’ Meet for the Month of June 2010.
Following on the response that we received for the Monthly Entrepreneurs Meet in May,This meet has been decided as regular affair and will be continuing this on the Third Friday of Every Month.

So do Mark it in your calendars.

Date: 18th June 2010
Venue: Auditorium, IITM Research Park
Time: 3:00pm – 4:15pm
Speaker: Badri Seshadri, Founder of Cricinfo, and New Horizon Media

Outline of the Talk:
Anyone who follows Cricket in India would recognize the brand that is Cricinfo. Having been acquired by ESPN now, its one of the reliable and favourite destination for the millions of Cricket Aficionados in India and abroad. As usual, we are posing three interesting questions for Badri Seshadri to cover for the audience during this talk – apart from his Journey as an Entrepreneur:

1. Cricinfo was founded along with a Co-founder. What has been his experience having a co-founder, are there any cons to that equation and what would his advice be.
2. How does one get into an industry like Cricket – which is more or less a religion in India – and prevail in it, given that bigger players constantly threaten to enter into that market.
3. The Journey of Cricinfo and are some Entrepreneurs reluctant than others to get into business and the perspectives behind it.

The Monthly Entrepreneurs’ Meet is an initiative by IITM’s Rural Technology and Business Incubator, along with IITM Research park.

Forget You, Focus on your Ideas

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For all my blog readers out there, this is a fabulous post everyone needs to pay attention. Everyone wants to self-promote themselves and become a RockStar! But in the process of Self-promotion, most of them end up with self-adulation which in-turn sabotage your esteem.

Self-promotion may be key to career advancement but, let’s face it, cross that line into shameless self-congratulation and bragging and you’ll just turn people off in a major way. So how can you edge right up to that invisible boundary but not cross over it?

Copyblogger’s Nathan Hangen tackled this question recently and came up with a very simple but hugely useful distinction between boorish bragging and helpful self-promotion — the former is all about you, the latter all about your audience. Hangen explains:

The reason that self-promotion works and self-adulation doesn’t is because self-promotion is the art of spreading ideas, concepts, and a greater vision. Self-adulation is just the promotion of accomplishments, deeds that have already been done.

When you promote ideas, you give people something to cheer for. You give people a cause to support. People, in many ways, are selfish. They promote the things that make them feel good. Your accomplishments aren’t likely to make them feel good, but your ideas do.

Your ideas might inspire hope, thought, or action . . . but as a general rule, good ideas inspire something.

In the rest of the post, Hangen offers some tips on exactly how to broadcast your ideas effectively. If you’re interested in the topic, it’s well worth a read.

5 Tips to never forget a name again

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  • Make a choice to care. A kind of “first principle” of relationship building applies here. If you make a conscious decision that you are going to remember names, because you care about the people you meet, you will immediately become much better at doing it!
  • Picture the name written across their forehead. Think that sounds dumb? It’s not. It was a trick used by Franklin Roosevelt and he amazed his staff with how well he remembered names.
  • Listen to the name of the person you are being introduced to. If you don’t hear the name clearly the first time, ask them to repeat it. Again, this seems obvious, but some of you are so convinced you aren’t going to remember that you don’t even listen in the first place!
  • Repeat the name as soon as possible. You can either repeat it as a confirmation, “Joe, right?” or in conversation, “Nice to meet you, Joe.”  Either way, say it aloud and look the person in the eyes, too.
  • Use word or picture associations to make the person-name combination more memorable. For someone named Joy, picture her with a huge smile on her face, glowing with happiness.  Imagine Sandy on a beach.  Maybe Mike is singing karaoke. The more unusual the picture, the more memorable. Be creative!

10 Tips to Impress HR

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  • Never badmouth anything or anyone. This applies to your former employer, coworkers, or Osama bin Laden. We’re trying to screen out whiners and troublemakers. I don’t care if your last supervisor was a tyrant. Be kind and magnanimous about everything and everyone.
  • Make sure your appearance is in order. Fair or not, you are judged based you based on how you look. Check your fly and make sure your eyebrows are smooth.
  • Don’t smoke on the day of the interview. We can smell it. We don’t like it. There is an unconscious bias against smokers, and let’s face it, you have a reputation for being lazy. Smokers are more expensive to insure, too. Why would we want you on the payroll? Help me help you. Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t be too aggressive and tell us how awesome you are. You’re here, aren’t you? A little humility, and some self-deprecating comments, will go along way with HR professionals. Trust me.
  • Don’t tell us your life story. We hate it when you confuse HR with your mother, your therapist, or your best friend.
  • Don’t expect us to have a timeline for the interview process. We have no idea how long it will take to fill the position. Ideally, we want to fill the opening tomorrow so we can get back to online shopping. Realistically, it will probably take a few months.
  • Be prepared to talk about your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t ever tell us that you struggle to delegate. You care too much. You take on too much responsibility. An interview is a conversation, not a bad eHarmony profile. Show some self-awareness.
  • When you take us through your resume, don’t gloss over the mistakes. We like it when you stop and tell us about an experience that taught you something. It shows character. Address your flaws outright and tell us how you learned something.
  • Compliment us. Seriously. We are human beings, too. Scan our offices and look for awards, photos, or something noteworthy. Make a connection. This is what salespeople do, and it works. We will remember your praise.
  • Make it easy for us to hire you. When you give us examples during the interview process, frame those examples in a way that relates to the job description, the issues in the industry, or the company’s mission. Be relevant and you will be remembered.