Top 5 New Features of Android N

Android N is still in its active development phase while the recent Developer Preview released by google has gained much expectation to this new version. The Final Release is planned for Q3 of 2016. Here are the Top New Features Read more

Managing your Mailing List

Emails are often the most time-consuming work for every professional, finding the important conversation amidst the noise is a real challenge. I was surprised to find that I was subscribed to more than 900+ mailing list.Think about the amount Read more

Awesome tools to make you Super Productive

Busy! The favorite word of every IT person, which signs that we are turning unproductive. The moment you feel you are busy, take a break. Breaks allow you to regain your focus, sharpens your intuition, allows you to make conscious Read more

Snapshot 2013 - A Year of Giving!

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Managing your Mailing List

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Emails are often the most time-consuming work for every professional, finding the important conversation amidst the noise is a real challenge. I was surprised to find that I was subscribed to more than 900+ mailing list.Think about the amount of noise my inbox would generate. HUGE!

Watch the Video Interview of Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, Where he says an advice he got from Steve Jobs on Focus.

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying “no” to 1,000 things.

Mailing List create a huge content feed in our inbox which always distracts us from focusing on the high priority conversations. I have experienced and seen plenty of people getting lost after opening their mailboxes. Managing the email subscriptions are key to your mailbox discipline.

Un-Subscribing to unwanted mailing list can hugely clean up your inbox giving you more visibility to the task in hand, keeping you more organized with emails. Here is how you can manage your mailing list subscription, 

Use UNROLL.ME to un-subscribe from the Zillion ‘used-less/use-less’ mailing list.

UNROLL.ME: A fabulous tool which I use to manage my subscription. This tool inspired me to even think about how unproductive I get after seeing all the noise generated in my inbox. The app is both in Web and iOS format.

Upon using this tool, I am really free from the noise of mailing list and I can now focus on the important emails and save plenty of time from cleaning my inbox. I would recommend you to give it a try and share your comments on his this app saved your day.

Happy Un-Subscribing! 🙂

Mobile App Vs Mobile Web

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You have a great idea! You might have attended online classes teaching you how to create Mobile apps. But, Do you really know how to decide if you can develop your idea as an Mobile site or an app? Here is my quick checklist which can help you choose between creating a Mobile app or Mobile site?

Mobile Website:

1. Control: It gives freedom for you to choose the technology and distribution of Content
2. Budget: You don’t want to hire a separate iOS or Android developer to write two different versions of the same app. You can avoid extra tools, extra resources. Instead you can use your in-house web developers to create responsive Mobile sites.
3. Technology: Currently the browser technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript allows every developers to create much powerful Mobile Websites experience.

Mobile Apps:

1. Performance:  Native apps use the horsepower of the hardware to give nicer and richer experience along with high performance.
2. Features: As discussed on the previous point, Mobile apps can leverage from the hardware, providing more immersive experience through variety of features. Primarily the developer gets access to the device level integration packaging the app with powerful features.
3. Revenue: People often pay for the app itself, but not many will be willing to pay for downloading an Mobile Website from the app store. Hence, when you target to make money out of your app downloads, Mobile apps serve the purpose.

If you feel, I have not listed any other important parameters which is crucial in your decision making, Kindly register your comments below. Also do let me know your experience in choosing between Mobile app Vs Mobile Site. 

Inside the Competitive Mind of Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg

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reboot is not the same as init 6

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Here’s an interesting Linux tidbit that not many ESX admins realize.

reboot is not the same as init 6

In Linux, the init 6 command gracefully reboots the system running all the K* shutdown scripts first, before rebooting. The reboot command does a very quick reboot. It doesn’t execute any kill scripts, but just unmounts filesystems and restarts the system. The reboot command is more forceful.
So, should I use reboot or init 6? – neither! My advice is to use the shutdown command. shutdown will do a similar job to init 6, but it has more options and a better default action. Along with kicking off an init 6, the shutdown command will also notify all logged in users (logged in at a tty), notify all processes the system is going down and by default will pause for a set time before rebooting (giving you the chance to cancel the reboot if you realize that you made a mistake). Jolly civil.

How does this advice apply to VMware ESX servers you ask? Well I’m not a VMware kernel developer so to be honest I’m not the best person to ask (if you do know murky details, then please let us know in the comments). However I will say this; I will always use shutdown -r first and foremost. It’s just a better habit to get into.
Is there a difference on an ESX server? Yes, but as I said I’m entirely sure how it affects the VMkernel processes. The reason I definitely know – a couple of times I’ve had to use the reboot command to force an unresponsive ESX shutdown -r.
P.S. This also applies to init 0 / halt (i.e. use shutdown -h instead).

Learn AJAX

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The Easy, Example-Based Guide to Ajax for Every Web Developer.

Using Ajax, you can build Web applications with the sophistication and usability of traditional desktop applications and you can do it using standards and open source software. Now, for the first time, there’s an easy, example-driven guide to Ajax for every Web and open source developer, regardless of experience.
You’ll not only learn how to write “functional” code, but also master design patterns for writing rock solid, high-performance Ajax applications. You’ll also learn how to use frameworks such as Ruby on Rails to get the job done fast.

• Learn how Ajax works, how it evolved, and what it’s good for
• Understand the flow of processing in Ajax applications.
• Build Ajax applications with XML and the XMLHttpRequest object.
• Integrate back-end code, from PHP to C#. Use XSLT and XPath, including XPath Axis
• Develop client-side Ajax libraries to support code reuse.
• Streamline development with Ruby on Rails and the Ruby programming language

Download Here: