{DAY-2}- FSF, TN Conf @ SSN : Take the Plunge….Breath Free!!!

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{Day-2} @ SSN started with Ajax followed by most exciting Linux Distribution Making and Hands-On lab on making Linux distros. After the lunch, we had sessions on Patents and then came the most awaited project session where each team were assigned a project under FSF and brief timelines where given to us on project submission. What’s more than these fabulous sessions, we had our refreshments and concluded FSF Conf.

I really enjoyed these two days and I thank all those who were behind this initative. HariShankar (my jnr) and I had a really log drive in his Passion+ and finally he dropped me @ Guindy while other 3 guys had SSN Route Buses to drop them home.

Working Technologies into projects is more important than learing them through Workshops and Conference. In this context, FSF and SSN has helped us to work on technology rather than just learning them. I have no words explaining these days in my life rather than start working on projects told to me on these two days, which I feel is the real way in which I can thank SSN Engg college and FSF Team.


FSF Rockzz!!!

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