Free Software Foundation, Tamil Nadu Workshop @ SSN on Dec 5th and 6th – Book your Seats…

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Wow..!!! Its now FSF, TN who will make my holidays more enjoyable. A Cup of Scripting , Linux Customization Salads, Python Feast…whats more to special this December!!!  Here goes the Invite…

Hurry up Students !!! Click here to  register to the workshop. Only 120 Seats available !!!! 

*Automatic enrollment to projects* of Free Software Foundation on  registering to the workshop. In the workshop you would learn : 

   – Business Models in Free Software
   – How to configure Linux for your day-to-day use?
   – Scripting Languages !!
   – Learn all these on-hands at Lab.
   – Learn Ajax.
   – Ever thought of having your own Operating System? Learn it, Build it!!!
   – Start working on Free Software projects with guidance from experts in Software industry. 

*This is the ideal way to use your holidays !!! Fun, Learn, Hack !!!!!!!*

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