FSF Conference @ SSN {DAY-1} – An Splendid Start

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It was 6:15AM, 5th December, 2009 when I started from my home to take the Route Bus to SSN. I reached the college @ 8:15AM and the Greens and aesthetic beauty of the campus greeted me as I entered. I was joined by 4 of my college guys (my jrs) and we made ourself present at Mini-Auditorium for the sessions.

Previewing Big-Bucks Bunny Movie the session began by a fabulous talk from Mr.Siddharth (Core FSF Member, Cognizant Employee). His talk helped us to know better what Free S/w is and what Open Source software is. He explained how important not to patent our innovation, as it prevents development of Science for the next 20 years from our date of patent. His talk made us to visualize the generations of human development from primitive-industrial-modern.

Next we had a talk from Mr.Praveen Chandrahas, IITian aand FSF Promoter, where he briefed out Filesystem and their implementation and steped down Ubuntu Installation process.


We had an Community person from Tamil Computing Team, Ubuntu Mr.Thangamani Arun briefing us on Android Architecture and its SDK’s. He showcased a demo on how to work on Android Development Toolkit in Eclipse IDE and to use a Emulator.

Android session was followed by Shell Scripting by Mr.Bharathi Subramanian, FOSS Evangelist, ILUG Team. This session was really gr8 as I explored the basics of SHELL programming. I will surely work on this scripting a lot more than just listening to it.

We were served with refreshments in-between the sessions and {DAY-1} was really excellent. Tomorrow {DAY-2}, I am waiting for even more exciting stuffs @ FSF.
FSF RockZZZ!!!

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