Happy Diwali!!! Get… Set…. Go!!!!!

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                      I am Santhosh, wishing all my blog readers, Happy Diwali. Let this festival lighten your dreams and make you successful. I am happy to publish my welcome post for “Sans Microsoft Lounge” on this festive occasion. Here through this blog, I’ll get to know all my readers with updates on MS Technologies, Tips and Tricks, valuable keynotes, Event invitations and my personal reviews on MS Technologies.

Microsoft, in-spite of being a closed source, it allows innovative developers to bring their dream apps into reality using their application development frameworks and other tools. This inspires me to explore MS Tech and I love their R&D products such as Windows Live, Bing, SongSmith, Photosynth, PopFly, MS Surface and lots more. These products are still in their alpha and beta stages and their innovation is remarkable.

I once again wish all my blog readers, Happy Diwali!!!
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