Live Blogging : Yahoo Open Hack 2010, Bangalore

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1. YQL by Chris!
2. YAP by Lavanya and Balachandar:

App is defined by gadget XML : defines open apps, meta data
Conforms to OpenSocial Standards

YahooSmall View, YahooFullView,Preview ->YML Works only on these

Yahoo Small View:
->No JS, Faster, HTML or YMLLite, two state(default, personalised)
Yahoo Full View:
->Support HTML,CSS, YML, YUI , Caja friendly JS, rich interface, opensocial,  YML adds allows ad,

Preview View:
-> Content to those who have not signed in, haven’t installed, motivated to install, yml:customize tag for installing app, no user info is passed to app,

Yahoo MarkUp Language:

similar in format like XML

->Tansform JS and XML to secure form
->prevents insecure JS
YUI is a library of JS utilities and controls for building rich interactive web application.

Open social and its Compatibility

-> OSML and Open Social Templates are in beta stage
->support Open Social 0.9 JS API’s and open social 0.8.1 RESTful api.

Sample Gadget XML
Caja is where insecure js is prevented and for stripping out unreliable content, YUI supports accelerated design.

Libraries to use:
Caja, opensocial, YUI, YML

Sections at Gadget XML:

  • Module per section -> covers meta data for app-> to make searched and featured by yahoo,title for app, screenshot  url’s, 

Steps to create  Gadget XML:

check out : 

 check out-> YDN Devtool Page

Yahoo Social API’s
->design a Open Application Or OAuth
select *from social.profile where guid=me;
select * from where guid=me/guid info;
select * from social.updates where guid=me;
select * from where query=’ipad’;
select * from where source=’appid’;

check out :

insert into meme.user.posts(type,content, caption)values(“photos”, “”, “this is a photo caption”)

Social SDK’s

  • examples for opensocial, php, python
  • perform oAuth Authentication

Host your Social Apps @ Joyent, google app engine, amazon web services,

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