Mobile App Vs Mobile Web

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You have a great idea! You might have attended online classes teaching you how to create Mobile apps. But, Do you really know how to decide if you can develop your idea as an Mobile site or an app? Here is my quick checklist which can help you choose between creating a Mobile app or Mobile site?

Mobile Website:

1. Control: It gives freedom for you to choose the technology and distribution of Content
2. Budget: You don’t want to hire a separate iOS or Android developer to write two different versions of the same app. You can avoid extra tools, extra resources. Instead you can use your in-house web developers to create responsive Mobile sites.
3. Technology: Currently the browser technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript allows every developers to create much powerful Mobile Websites experience.

Mobile Apps:

1. Performance:  Native apps use the horsepower of the hardware to give nicer and richer experience along with high performance.
2. Features: As discussed on the previous point, Mobile apps can leverage from the hardware, providing more immersive experience through variety of features. Primarily the developer gets access to the device level integration packaging the app with powerful features.
3. Revenue: People often pay for the app itself, but not many will be willing to pay for downloading an Mobile Website from the app store. Hence, when you target to make money out of your app downloads, Mobile apps serve the purpose.

If you feel, I have not listed any other important parameters which is crucial in your decision making, Kindly register your comments below. Also do let me know your experience in choosing between Mobile app Vs Mobile Site. 

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