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On those green memorable days of my childhood, in my grade 6, I used to water all the plants in my cute garden, clean it, arrange the brick paths, enjoy the water shower. 

As days passed, my garden was cemented and concrete pillars were raised. Muddy lands, bushes, trees disappeared and slowly my inner self started  to look for materialistic ways of happiness. 11 years passed now, since i had that connect with the nature- I started to experience a void (emptiness) somewhere in my heart.

Fortunately I had a chance this weekend (12-13th October, 2013- Sat,Sun) to tryout my childhood hobby of Gardening. I brought some awesome plants to my lost garden, where there is now, only cemented floors. I took the whole weekend to pot them, chit-chat with them, welcome them to their new home 🙂 I could realize Francis Bacon’s golden words, “Gardening is the Purest of human pleasures.”

I released the magic moment of lorax, when I saw some cute butterflies coming from no-where to a rose flower. When i touched and felt the soil, I also felt the love and compassion of a mother and bouncing joy within me. Spending time every morning and evening, watering the plants, talking to them, enjoying the cool greens-  will surely make our heart feel so light and prepares everyone for a super productive day.

To me, I feel there is an un-discovered science behind gardening which makes a human being spiritual and successful.

“The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.” – George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950 in The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God, 1932

Gardening is a calm, pleasurable time to connect with nature. For those who are looking for a new dimension of life, you need to try searching in your garden. It’s a lost hobby in most of our life and today’s X-Boxers doesn’t even know if gardening could ever be considered as a hobby. When you want to know about the world, go to google! When you want to know about life, go to a garden!

Here are few Inspirations which I would love to share with you, 

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My journey with nature has started with these baby step…I would love to hear from you, Share your experience in the comment and Do let me know when was your magic moment with nature happened?

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