I’m extremely excited to announce the Open Web Award 2011 in collaboration with Berlin-based art and digital culture Festival transmediale. Following the Mozilla Drumbeat Berlin event we’ve had good talks with Free Culture Incubator and hope to announce more great open web art initiatives soon. Stay tuned, and please tell the world (or just your friends) about the Open Web Award 2011! Open web art is important to show the world what can be done by building on the open architecture of the web!
The award will be given to the most creative work or art project that:

– are on the web and about the web
– use open and free technology
– incite participation

giving specific consideration to “the creative use of HTML5″.
The winner will receive a total prize of 5000 EUR, and will obtain ’supported’ status on Mozilla Drumbeat (including the opportunity to fundraise, if needed). Download Flyer
Deadline: July 31, 2010