OSCO GO-OS 2010, Open Source Conference @ Madurai

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I am gratified to see many Student Community, Universities, Corporates adopting Open Technologies and advocating the public towards Free and Open Culture especially in softwares. This time it is the second largest city in TamilNadu, next to Chennai; Yes! It’s now Madurai hosting the Conference on Open Technologies cum Exhibition to spread the awareness for Students, Universities and Enterprise.

The upcoming busiest IT hub, next to chennai, Madurai stands out as a prime importance for all Tech Evangelist to adopt Open Standards and Open Source Business Models, hence this Conference is planned to address a wide audience and will surely educate most of them. Students are invited for Paper Presentation Contest, Speakers with a sound knowledge in their domain are requested to volunteer for the event! Get Started… Because Open Source Matters!!!

Check out http://osco.in for more details and Registrations!

Welcome All!!!

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