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Managing your Mailing List

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Awesome tools to make you Super Productive

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Snapshot 2013 - A Year of Giving!

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Don’t watch JOBS Movie…

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Today I went to see the biographical drama film “JOBS” on the life of Steve Jobs at Sathyam Cinemas.Here is my review on the movie, “Don’t just watch it, Experience it“. 


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How to become Eternal today?

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When a tree falls, it becomes a table. When an animals dies, it becomes food for other animals. When the nature dies, it becomes manure to the earth. But is this the case with humans?

We all search for eternal life, but we ignore a chance when we have one. At least on those days our bodies were preserved as mummies, thinking that we will have a second life in our tombs. But Nowadays we are just burnt into ashes by electric graveyards and dumped into Ocean. In this process, we are buring a living heart, eyes and so many working organs. Yes! the person has died, but that dosen’t mean we need to kill everything working inside him. Just think!

So, How to become eternal?

Today (6th August,2013) we are celebrating Organ Donation day. Have you ever thought of donating your organs, if not; this is your time to take action. We are not asked to donate now, we just can register our willingness and prepare our mind to donate. That is almost equal to having donated.

When we die, all people surround our body and feel our absence, which makes our soul happy (that our absense is felt by our dear ones), but along with those mourning hearts, if there were dozens of people who feel so happy to feel our presence with our organs within them, just think how happy we might feel as a soul. The feel of giving back, not just money or material, but we are giving back our-self to many  persons in need of a new life. Just do a quick visualization to see how it feels, how purposeful your life becomes at that second.

Preparing our mind to donate our organs on our demise, makes us an eternal being ahead of our soul and physical being. Even religions including Hindu, Christianity, Isam and Buddhisim advocates this act as the highest charity one can perform. This thought of donating organs, has brought a new dimension of thinking (at least) within me.

My heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, eyes are someone’s organ tomorrow and I should not harm them by smoking or consuming any unwanted drugs. All my organs are my limited gift to enjoy, and hence until I have them I need to keep them fit and enjoy every second with the sense of gratitude.

It is said that, everyday before going to bed, If you try connecting to mortality (experience of dying), you can prioritize your life’s goal and ambitions, but I feel, once after registering for Organ donation, it is more powerful way of motivating me to make every day a wonderful one and leading life with priority. 

I have become more responsible to have my organs within me TODAY! I have become eternal by preparing to donate my organs! It’s your time to act.

Take action! Sign up as an Organ Donor @

The Future is here. Make it YOURS!

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In the crowded Smartphone marketplace, we all wonder what would be the next futuristic step of SmartPhone Manufactures besides competing in hardware configurations. Here is it! Motorola has come out with MotoMaker Portal where you can customize and build your own MotoX Smartphone, branded with your name and customized with “Designed by YOU” Sticker! 

With this announcement & launch of the MotoMaker project, we can sense the road-map of Google with Motorola’s acquisition. Enabling every User to design their own customized smartphone. WOW! Awesome! If this portal is launched in India, it would surely excite many of smartphone users to buy their own customized SmartPhone. Here is a video on how the whole MotoMaker… 

Here is an Engadget Review on the MotoMaker Portal…

Ready for 30 Days Challenge?

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Do you know JRuby?

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When I was amidst picking up ROR, I came across JRuby today, while there was a huge debate among techies and Pros in the project I work, whether JRuby is best (or) Ruby, in terms of Scalability, maintainability, Performance and Security. Hence I was interested to also dip my toe into JRuby and to know more on it.

Note: We should never compare JRuby and Ruby as it would not be the right thing, JRuby is yet another implementation of Ruby Programming Language. It differs out only in the point of Deployment,Scalability, Maintainability and Performance stand-point. 

In this blog post, I will summarize the various points found defending ROR and JROR:

Ruby on Rails

1. Ruby is a programming language.

2. Ruby runs within a native C based interpreter.

3. Deployed in nginx environment, Passenger + Nginx or Apache

4. Ruby can use native extensions

5. Ruby has some issues with userspace threading, locking

JRuby On Rails

1. JRuby is an ruby implementation written in Java.

2. JRuby runs on the Java VM (the interpreter was written in Java)

3. Deployed in Java Web Server

4. JRuby can access to Java types, objects etc.

5. JRuby has Java threads (meaning it will scale to many cpus, cores etc.)

Further Reading (Videos):

1. Ruby Platform Options Throwdown | MRI, Rubinius and JRuby

2. RailsConf 2011: Dr. Nic Williams, “Ruby Through the Ages (or, A Brief History of Ruby)”