RTBI Monthly Entrepreneurs’ Meet

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Hosted By:   RTBI & IITM Research Park

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Hi Everyone,This is an RSVP for the Monthly Entrepreneurs’ Meet for the Month of June 2010.
Following on the response that we received for the Monthly Entrepreneurs Meet in May,This meet has been decided as regular affair and will be continuing this on the Third Friday of Every Month.

So do Mark it in your calendars.

Date: 18th June 2010
Venue: Auditorium, IITM Research Park
Time: 3:00pm – 4:15pm
Speaker: Badri Seshadri, Founder of Cricinfo, and New Horizon Media
RSVP @ http://anyvite.com/ro4jzi0rt6

Outline of the Talk:
Anyone who follows Cricket in India would recognize the brand that is Cricinfo. Having been acquired by ESPN now, its one of the reliable and favourite destination for the millions of Cricket Aficionados in India and abroad. As usual, we are posing three interesting questions for Badri Seshadri to cover for the audience during this talk – apart from his Journey as an Entrepreneur:

1. Cricinfo was founded along with a Co-founder. What has been his experience having a co-founder, are there any cons to that equation and what would his advice be.
2. How does one get into an industry like Cricket – which is more or less a religion in India – and prevail in it, given that bigger players constantly threaten to enter into that market.
3. The Journey of Cricinfo and are some Entrepreneurs reluctant than others to get into business and the perspectives behind it.

The Monthly Entrepreneurs’ Meet is an initiative by IITM’s Rural Technology and Business Incubator, along with IITM Research park.

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