I love knowledge sharing and storytelling on subjects ranging from technology, spirituality and a lot in between.

Speaking & Training Timeline

Year Date Topic/Area Event/Institution
2016 03-Sept-16 Android CodeCamp St. Joseph’s College of Engineering
2016 27-Aug-16 Open Source Database Management: Mongo DB PSG College of Technology
2016 20-Aug-16 Android BootCamp Ramco Institute of Technology
2016 06-Aug-16 Android App Development St. Joseph’s College of Engineering
2016 08-Jul-16 Mastering Version Control Using GIT Arunai College of Engineering
2016 12-Jun-16 Redux and React Code Coverage CGI Group Inc., Bangalore
2016 28-May-16 Art of Agile Coaching Agile Coffee Talk, Chennai by Solutions IQ
2016 23-May-16 Mastering React JS + Redux Workshop CGI Group Inc. Bangalore
2016 2-Apr-16 Python Programming 101 St. Joseph’s College of Engineering
2016 19-Mar-16 Android App Development St. Joseph’s College of Engineering
2016 5-Mar-16 Android App Development VIT University, Vellore
2016 20-Feb-16 Mastering Node JS PSG College of Technology
2016 12-Feb-16 React JS Advanced Madras Institute of Technology
2016 10-Jan-16 FDP on Next Gen Web Technologies Arunai Engineering College
2016 9-Jan-16 FDP on Mobile App Development Sairam College of Engineering, Chennai
2015 28-Nov-15 Android App Development Ramco Institute of Technology
2015 29-Aug-15 Android App Development Ramco Institute of Technology
2015 8-Aug-15 Developing Apps Using Android M PSG College of Technology
2015 11-May-15 A-Z of Technology @ Technology Week Tech Week @ Radio One 94.3 FM
2015 5-May-15 React JS Training Program Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
2015 28-Mar-15 Web Development Using Angular JS Framework Google Student Club, SRM University
2015 14-Mar-15 Android App Development Exebit 2015, IIT
2015 3-Mar-15 Engineering HERO (Alumni Talk) InnoVista 2015, Arunai Engineering
2015 1-Mar-15 Next Gen Mobile Apps Using Material Design Madras Institute of Technology
2015 20-Feb-15 React JS Bootcamp 2015 Google Developer Group
2015 14-Feb-15 Handling Big Data Using NO-SQL Mongo DB PSG College of Technology
2014 16-Nov-14 Web Components Using Polymer Google DevFestX Chennai 2014
2014 23-Aug-14 Android App Development PSG College of Technology
2014 13-Aug-14 UI Engineering with ReactJS Anna University, Chennai
2014 28-Jun-14 Google Material Design – Keynote Talk Google IO Extended 2014
2014 7-Jun-14 App Development Using Google Cloud Platform Cloud Camp 2014 – Google Developer Group, Chennai
2014 16-Mar-14 Android App Development Prayatna Symposium, MIT Chennai
2014 15-Mar-14 Android App Development Exebit 2014, IIT Madras
2014 8-Mar-14 Mobility and Java Programming Department of Information Technology
2014 22-Feb-14 Android App Development BuildDroid 2014, Google Students Club, SRM University
2014 16-Feb-14 Android App Development Carte Blanche 2014, MIT Chennai
2014 9-Feb-14 A Talk on Mobility Trendz Madura College, Madurai
2014 8-Feb-14 An Alumni’s Contribution with Love  HR Connect 2014, Arunai Engineering
2014 6-Feb-14 Career Management Talk 3rd Congress on Research Awareness, Arunai Engineering College
2013 10-Dec-13 Android App Development Bapuji Institute of Technology, Davangere
2013 9-Nov-13 Mastering Java Web Services (REST and SOAP) PSG College of Technology
2013 19-Oct-13 Free and Open Source Software Indian Linux User Group Meetup
2013 5-Oct-13 Android App Development Indra Ganesan College of Engineering
2013 27-Sep-13 Technology Enabled Entrepreneurship SRM School of Management
2013 3-Oct-13 Android App Development GYAANMILAN 2013, TRP College
2013 21-Sep-13 Android App Development Saranathan Engineering College
2013 6-Apr-13 Android App Development Anna University, Thindivanam
2013 8-Mar-13 Android App Development & FOSS Velammal Engineering College
2013 3-Mar-13 Android App Development Exebit 2013, IIT
2013 2-Mar-13 Android App Development Prayatna Symposium, MIT
2013 23-Feb-13 Android App Development PSG College of Technology
2013 21-Jan-13 Android App Development Madras Institute of Technology
2012 20-Oct-12 Web 2.0 Application Development Tech Talk, Department of IT
2012 18-Aug-12 Google Android Developer’s Camp Open Developer Network
2012 27-Mar-12 Motivational Talk Expo Mash 2012, VELS University
2012 22-Feb-12 Android App Development Android DevCamp 2012
2011 19-Nov-11 Android App Development Lovely Professional University, Punjab
2011 23-Oct-11 Evangelize Mobile App Development InfySEC Technologies
2011 11-Feb-11 How FOSS Works? Blue Genie Technologies, Madurai
2011 4-Feb-11 Mastering WordPress CMS OSMEET, Madurai
2010 14-Aug-10 Introduction to the World of FOSS OSCO.IN, Madurai

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