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Snapshot 2013 - A Year of Giving!

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Snapshot 2013 – A Year of Giving!

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I don’t believe in taking new year resolutions. But Jan 1st is surely a good place to start our life with new focus and purpose; for the next 365 days. As 2013 ends and  2014 unfolds, I would love to share my awesome moments and thank you all for supporting me in whatever small i do.

With purpose comes passion, with passion comes enthusiasm.

Having Set the purpose for 2013: to share my knowledge to student community, I thoroughly enjoyed the year! It was an awesome experience and defining my purpose helped me to focus my efforts and has enabled me to work the whole year with renewed enthusiasm. 



Here is a quick snapshot of my events and talks in 2013. 


[flickr_set id=”72157639234405835″]


1. Jan 31st: I finally setup my Home Studio after a long research on Mics, Sound System.


2. April 14th: Attended 12th Designer’s Meetup by Photoshop Usergroup, Chennai (had a chance to Network with wonderful designers and got lot of Inspiration)

Photoshop User Group_April_14

3. May 5th: My cute sister got her Graduation Certificate for her Masters in Business Administration. A day to cherish in 2013.


4. June 26th: The most  memorable day in my life. I published my first Technology Podcast (Audio Recording) in Tamil ( My Initiative to help community to know the latest trend in IT Industry). Listen to my podcast here.


5. August 14th: A day where I decided to become eternal. I registered for complete Organ donation. This day will be remembered by me forever. Click here to read my blog-post on Organ donation.


6. September 7th: I was promoted in my family. 🙂 Yes! My sister gave birth to a cute angel (baby girl) “Shravanthi”. I love her so much!! I realized the pain and the sacrifice of a women in these days. The most wonderful moment, i’ll always cherish in my life.

Shravanthi_September 8th

7. October 20th: I should thank Mr.Hari Krishanan who introduced me to Toastmasters International. It was a powerful Division Conference where I had the privileged to meet Mr.Dhananjay Hetrechi. This event surely had a big impact on my public speaking skills.I have shared my learning in my blog-post here.


8. October 14th:The monsoon was the perfect time to trigger my childhood hobby! I planted 12 little plants and brought my gardening hobby back to life! When i connect with nature, I can able to understand more about me.


9. November 29th: Attended DroidCon India 2013 – India’s largest Android Conference. I met so many technology evangelists, won lots of goodies, networked with so many developers. I went as a participant, became a volunteer and came back as an expert. – what more good, can you expect from a conference?


10. December 29th: I upgraded my first PC and gave it to my brother ( who was in need of a PC).My father presented me, my first Personal Computer, 10 years ago (in 2004). It was a pentium 4, 256 MB RAM, 40GB Hard-disk. It is still working great. This machine taught me everything in computers, that i know today. It’s my first guru and a memorable childhood friend.  I believe my PC will help my brother to learn technology, teach him good things and will surely be a wonderful companion to him.  



2014: A Year where I’ll create measurable Impact by working on the most important goals of my life. To create lasting impression through my work, is my purpose for the year 2014!

Here are my high level goals for 2014:

  1. Author my first Book on Technology (180 Pages)
  2. Work on my Fitness, do consistent, timely workouts to improve and strengthen my mind and body.

Before I end this post, I need to say thank you. Thanks for reading this lengthy blog-post and encouraging me all through my life! Happy New year! Wish everyone of you a wonderful 2014!

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