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The tipping point in my life came after attending the Division G Conference of Toastmasters International  (20th October, 2013). I had the opportunity to meet great personalities like Dr.Sumanth C RamanDhananjaya J Hettiarachchi. Below I have comprehended my learning which should serve all aspiring speakers in delivering their Dream Speech.

8 Lessons to build your Dream Speech from Dr.Sumanth C Raman

13MPSUMANTH1_862423f 1. Don’t write down the complete speech as a script word-by-word, as this would build too much dependency over the material. 

 2. Communication is not about YOU, It’s all about the other individual. Tailor your message in the interest of your audience. Ask the following questions before delivering the content,

a. What is that your audience need to know from your talk?
b. What is the level of understanding of the audience?

3. Be adaptive and always do a mid-course correction while during your speech reflecting the feedback from the audience. Don’t end up speaking word-by-word as in script.

 4. Always double-check if everything is right before the speech. Never leave anything in chance.As a speaker prepare and organize on every simple matters including computer, compatibility of software, laser pointer, supporting material, podium etc…

5. Communication starts not with talking, but with Observation and Listening.

6. Improve to communicate the negative emotions in a graceful manner. Learn to say “NO” without crushing others ego.

7. Non verbally, we are sending out lot of signals for others to judge us. Verbal Communication is a small part of the overall communication. As we judge books by their covers, similarly people judge us by the way we present ourself. Things which we think actually not matter, actually matters. So improve your non-verbal speech quotient. 

8. There is no perfection. We can’t expect our speech to perfection. Every single day we learn and improve to communicate better on the next day.

6 Lessons from  Dhananjaya J Hettiarachchi to become a powerful Speaker 

IMG_20131020_2026031. Stop wishing and start wanting to become a great speaker. Everyone wish to become a great speaker, but when you align your action to your thought, you’ll start wanting to and will surely transform yourself.

2. Don’t have just a dream. Have a purpose. Because when you just work on a dream, you’ll easily get burnout when you fail at it. When you have a purpose, you’ll not stop at your goals and continue to set new benchmarks regardless of the outcomes.

3. “Who is your daddy?” – I refer to here the mentors(both genders). As you know, Dad’s are always the first person who support us regardless our success or failure. They push us and make us to come out of our comfort zones.  Hence surround yourself with daddy’s (both genders), rather than Venture Capitalists (who give-up on you, when you fail and only prefer to be with you when you are successful). Are you surrounded with daddy’s or VC’s?.

4. Don’t see your fellow competitors as your competitors, see them as your contemporaries. 

5. Be a better person, before you become a better speaker. If your life has never experienced tragic moments, you have no material. Take calculated risks and keep transforming yourself as better person every day.

6.  Never Give-up! Practice, Perseverance is the key to becoming a great personality. Magic is given to people who have never given UP! Never give upon your dreams and keep working on it passionately.

My Toastmaster journey has started with these amazing tips and technique from Dr.Sumanth and Mr.Dhananjaya H at the Division G Conference, 2013. I wish these tips, help your career and build you as a powerful communicator.

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