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Busy! The favorite word of every IT person, which signs that we are turning unproductive. The moment you feel you are busy, take a break. Breaks allow you to regain your focus, sharpens your intuition, allows you to make conscious plans and be more productive. I am sharing 3 simple ways, I hack my brain to be little more productive everyday. 

Start using these awesome tools and enjoy a happy healthy life!

#1: Limitless Chrome Plugin: We tend to spend most our time browsing web, checking mails, socializing online. This plugin helps us to measure our productivity, set goals, remind us on our short-term / long-term goals and motivate us. I am glad that one of my friend has created this plugin which has become an awesome start in my everyday work-life.

Download Limitless here.

#2: Calm: Every IT geek excuse a healthy lifestyle for their busy schedule. Keeping your mind calm and peaceful is the first step towards healthy thoughts and we surely need at-least 2 minute of relaxation in a form of meditation (or) a nature walk alongside a river or beach or park to refresh our mind. But as we have already discussed, our busy self will never take us to beach or park. So how about bringing a beach or park  to our desktop? 

Calm is an online portal providing a relaxing and refreshing guided meditation and natural setting for melting our mind into tranquility. Experience the magic here.

#3: Cal App: Organizing our daily task is always challenging. There are so many Android apps for task management, but notably I use an app named “Cal” which I feel is a wonderful way of Organizing your daily tasks. It provides a responsive and usable interface which is easy to use. 

Download the “Cal” Android app here.

#4: Coggle: We read so many articles, books and magazines to gain vast amount of data. But if you don’t organize your data, you can never derive creativity out of your knowledge. Coogle is a free mind-mapping online tool which helps you to create quick mind-maps on topics you read and produce beautiful notes, which you can share with friends and colleagues to enhance your ideas collaboratively. Checkout Coogle here.

Here is a cool image to illustrate the value of connected dataset


This is my first post in this year 2014 and I hope it was helpful for you. I would love to hear the ways you make your everyday productive. Share your views, tools you use and tips you follow. Wishing you amazing and super productive days ahead!

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