Top 5 New Features of Android N

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Android N is still in its active development phase while the recent Developer Preview released by google has gained much expectation to this new version. The Final Release is planned for Q3 of 2016.


Here are the Top New Features you can expect in Android N,

1. Multi Window Support

Android N provides Native split screen support which enables the system to show 2 apps simultaneously in the screen stacked side-by-side or one top of another. This screen will greatly help the user to multitask between apps without the hassle of switching between apps.

mw-splitscreen2. Notifications

     Here are some of the cool features to the Notifications which enhances the usability,

    Direct Reply: This features allows users to directly reply to the messages from the notification tray without exiting from the current app


Bundled Notification: This feature groups the notifications from the single app and presents much cleaner and comprehensive message in the notification tray. Users can expand the group and check the individual notifications and do a direct reply and also control the settings of the notification by long-pressing the notification (Everything without exiting from the current app).


3. Data Saver

      As rightly mentioned in the Developer Preview Website, In the lifetime of the device, the cost of the carrier data plan will exceed the cost of the smartphone. In this case, the new enhanced data saver feature comes in handy. When the user selects “Data Saver” in settings, the android ensures less data is consumed at all times and turns-off all background app which might consume data.

  4. Improved battery life through Dose Mode

      The Dose Mode which got introduced in Android 6 (Marshmallow) is now improved in Android N ensuring better battery life.Whenever the screen is turned off for longer duration and device is unplugged, the system applies a set of CPU and network algorithm to minimize the battery consumption.


  5. Support for Java 8 Language Features

        Android has taken a big leap of moving from Google’s own implementation of Java to OpenJDK. This opens a new world of opportunities to developers to use Java 8 Syntax like lambda expression, default methods and other interesting language updates in their code. This greatly enhances the developer productivity.

      With the introduction of the new language features, Google has released a new Compiler tool-chain named “Jack and Jill” compiler which takes care of the new build process. Here is a quick diagram which can illustrate the behavior of the new Jack and Jill Compiler.


What’s Next?

Here are some quick links where you can play and demo the new features of Android N:


If you are interested to learn to develop cool android app, here is a Youtube course on Mastering Android App Development authored by me. Let’s all wait for the final release of Android N, until then Happy Learning!


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