Windows 7 Community Launch Party, Chennai – Seven is More Special!!!!

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The Celebration Started…

Seven is More Special As…
Seven colours makes Rainbow…
Seven swaram makes up Music…
Seven days makes a Week…
Windows SEVEN Makes the Perfect OS among others!!!

Today 31st October,2009, it was a Perfect day to celebrate the Perfect OS, “Windows 7” here at Haddows Club in Nungambakkam, Chennai. It was 9:30 AM, when I parked my bike, and came into the wonderful venue where the Launch party was scheduled to happen. CITUG (Chennai IT Pro User Group) hang-outs and the scenic front office greeted me, as I headed to the floor where Mr.Ravikumar, UG Lead had already started with his introduction note of the day.

Lightening Talk on Windows 7

Mr.RaviKumar begun the most awaited Launch Party by showcasing us some exciting videos on Windows 7, which was a perfect intro-snack on the party. Then he started with the powerpoint on “Windows 7: our PC Simplified”. The presentation gave us a chance to explore the 3 dimensions where Windows 7 makes our life easier and more productive. Here are those remarkable features which he discussed with us,

1. Making everyday task Simpler
    -> Simple to Use
    -> Easy to browse the web
    ->Easy to connect
    ->Easy to Communicate and share

2. Works the way we want
   -> Faster and more reliable
   -> More Secure
   -> Compatible with you

3. Makes new things possible
   -> Media on our terms
   -> Work Anywhere
   -> New ways to engage

Windows 7 Exclusives :

Aero Shake, Aero Peek, Live Taskbar Preview, Aero Snap, Device Stage, HomeGroup, Productivity enhancements like sleep and resume feature, Power Management, search and federated search, security enhancements, Problem Step Recorder, Live Features, Windows Media Player Mini-mode, Location Aware Printing, Windows Media Center- Improved, Parental Control, Play-to are the latest inclusive of Windows 7, which we were introduced in the session. The Minimum Configuration for Windows 7 was no more than an ordinary PC required for XP to run smoothly (1GHz Processor, 1GB Ram, 16GB HDD).

IE 8:

We also explored IE8 and its new features like Accelerators, Web slices and much more. This really added up to the event.

Windows Answers

We were also introduced to Microsoft Answers Portal and Mr.RaviKumar suggested us the importance of Community in helping out customers to carter their needs.I am sure Microsoft Answers will surely complement to the better user experience (in troubleshooting) and satisfaction of users on the product.

“I am PC ” – Loaded with Goodies

The power-packed session was even more entertaining with  “I am a PC” contest. The contest was all about, we need to say ” I am a PC” and state the most fascinating (needful) features, Windows 7 provides us which we wished earlier versions to provide.
Interestingly there were many who raised hands and said “I am PC” and came up with the exciting features of Win7 and received T-Shirts and one lucky gentleman even won a 4GB Microsoft Pen Drive. I too stated few and won a comment ” That’s good!!”. I didn’t get any goodies, Still I was happy with the activity as it was a good interaction and some even came up with new ideas for  Windows 7 SP1:)!!!

The Blog ‘o’ Contest 

I was waiting for another chance to grab atleast any of the goodies, but I was left with no other chance. But Ravi sir on spelling out the Blogging Contest for the attendees, many of us were excited to take part in it ( as we all had the spirit to explore and blog on Win7 and we were real PC’s). Article contest on Windows 7 also spiced up today’s event. These activities really accelerated all the attendees to explore Windows 7and helped to spice us the party.

Yummy Brunch…

                                             A Tasty vigee Brunch by the attendees 

I cannot finish either the Launch Party or this post by missing out the tasty vegiee. It was 12:00 noon, myself ( Santhosh, MSP ,Arunai Engineering college), Gokoulane (MSP, P.M.R. I.T) and Sham (MSP, Velammal) together had an yummy brunch to finish the party. During our brunch, we had a strong debate on which was the most exciting feature on Windows 7….and finally came to a conclusion as…”the whole Win7″!!!!


 It’s the Beginning…

                                   Sham (MSP, Velammal) and Myself (Santhosh, MSP, Arunai Engineering College)

I thank Mr.RaviKumar who took us to a splendid Windows 7 Tour and together we really enjoyed the Launch Event. Here is where the fabulous event came to end, but I believe as a Microsoft Student Partner, Its the beginning for me and other MSP’s to start spreading the benefits and excellence of Windows 7 to large Student, Corporate and other communities and I am sure we will do that. The Windows 7 Launch Party was indeed a great success and I thank all tech enthusiasts, Mr.RaviKumar, MeraWindows and all those who were behind in organizing such a wonderful event.I wish MeraWindows to do continue their splendid work, and we will always be with you in making the event- “an history”.

Check this video I’ve created on the Windows Community Launch Party , Chennai.

Check out for my next blog-post on CITUG ( Chennai IT pro User Group)….

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