Windows 7 Launch – Most Awaited Oct 22nd – Highlights

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The Most awaited Win7 Launch has now become the highlights throughout the web and other media. I logged-in my Pentium 4 PC (with 1GB RAM) which was running XP, to watch the Live Win7 Launch @ Wembley. I was filled with lots of excitement and big ! if the new OS will work faster even on my P4.

The Launch Eve started with Tami Reller, Corporate VP and CFO of Windows and Windows Live, Microsoft; who then invited Kylie, a five year old chweet charming girl. Kylie is a PC expert, and has even made screencast for some latest MS Tech. She was given the biggest job of the day, to invite Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft.

Then Came Steve with his keynote for the Launch of Windows 7. He showcased the Makings of Win7 as ,
3000 Microsoft Engineers were on-board,
50,000 Partners,
8 Million Customers from 200 countries for RC and Beta Testing.

” Simpler, Faster, More Responsive.” makes Win 7 the most successful OS for now. About 300 Million customers are estimated to buy Win7 in the next 12 months. Brad Brooks, Corporate Vice President, Windows Consumer Marketing took off, where he gave a talk on 7 Wonders of Windows 7; on which i’ll write a separate blog-post.

Mike Angiulo, GM, Product Planning and PC Ecosystems, Microsoft took us “Behind the Screen” where he showcased upcoming and latest PC configuration and state-of-the art futuristic home powered with Win7, from Kitchen to Gaming. Dell Adamo, Acer Aspire Revo, Toshiba Touch Laptop were my most loved demos. On all those models ranging from Netbooks to Laptops, Win7 worked perfectly well.

My another favorite section of the day was when Steve demoed “Play To” feature of Win , where he played more than 15 different media connected to Win7 through Bluetooth and Home Network….and still the Laptop running Win7 used only 54% of the resources and has excellent response time—-That’s really amazing part of the Launch which showcased the power of Win7!!!!!

The time was roughly mid-night, when I finished watching the Launch of Win7….It was worth spending for such a good engineering from MS.

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